About us

Daniel's Group Holdings Limited is one of the catering chains originated in Hong Kong. The group was established by Mr. Cheng Lin How in early 80s. The first Daniel's Restaurant began as a traditional dessert house in Mongkok by 1982, which was then transformed to a "Cha Chaan Teng" business by 1987. Throughout the years, the group is evolved to a catering enterprise with diversified business and more than 400 employees. The group has established its central kitchen, logistic center and built its standard operation procedures (SOP) by 2007 in order to maintain and align food quality in all branches. The group pay continuous effort in providing diversified catering experience to customers and strategically developed various brand names such as "Daniel's Restaurant", "Big Top Restaurant" and "Cafe First Floor" for fulfilling different catering demands. The group currently operates 13 outlets in Hong Kong.

Mission & Vision

History & Milestone


Social Responsbility

Mission & Vision


To provide diversified catering options and comfortable catering experience to customers


To be the most welcoming catering group in customers' mind


Awards & Certifications

The group insists in providing high quality products, passionate service and comfortable environment to customers. With our determination to strive for the best result, Daniel's group has received numerous awards and prizes from the community. Our steam milk pudding series has received the "King of Catering Awards" in 2011 and 2013. And our signature product, Pakistan Curry, has also received the most innovative awards and silver awards in Metro Radio Cooking Competition 2010.

The groups creativity and quality is highly recognized. On the other hand, the group deeply understands the importance of service quality in restaurant. As a result, the group has attained ISO 9001 quality management system standard (Design and Provision of Catering Management Consultancy Service) in order to continuously enhance servicing quality. Our restaurants are all accredited by the Quality Tourism Service (QTS) Scheme administered by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) 


Social Responsibility

We believe a responsible corporate should devote part of its resources to the community. Since 2009, we have built an alliance with S.K.H. St. Christopher's Home by placing donation boxes in our restaurants to support "Lok-lok & Yiu-yiu" sponsorship schemes. The fund raised will be designated for providing accommodation, after school care service, daily necessities, tutorial support, emotional counseling, development opportunities and horizon-broadening activities for children from broken or low-income families. The group has continuously received the Caring Company Awards since 2010.


History & Milestone

In early 1980


Business Start-up

The founder, Mr. Daniel Cheng and his wife operated「燉奶佬」, which mainly sold chinese style dessert (sweet soup).




Dessert shop was welcomed by many customers and the first branch was found on Nathan Road



Cha Chaan Ting Model

oodle and various cantonese style cuisine were introduced into the shop and established a base of “Cha Chaan Teng + Dessert” business positioning



First store in shopping mall

Operated the first store in shopping mall (Trend Plaza, Tuen Mun), which had been providing service to the customers by 20 years since then.

In early 1990


Business Expansion

Started operating stores in Waldorf Plaza (Tuen Mun), Tai Pa Street (Tsuen Wan) and Kingswood Richly Plaza (Tin Shui Wai) which has been providing service for more than 20 years til now



Big Top Restaurant

Started a brand new store in Trend Plaza (Tuen Mun) under the name “Big Top Restaurant”, which provides western style cuisine. The restaurant attracted many family customers by its western style cuisine and dynamic railway decoration.



Corporate Business

Launched back office to support and share the work load and coordination for frontline. Formed a role model of head quarter in early 20’s century.

In early 2000


Central Kitchen and Group Head Quarter

Invested more than 10 millions to build the group’s central kitchen in Tuen Mun Industrial Center. Established modern management system and standardized production process. Launched Daniel’s Restaurant in Tai Wai and Smart Man Restaurant in City One Shatin respectively in the year. In 2008, the group’s head quarter strategically moved into Tuen Mun Industrial Center.



Expansion Stage

The group built a logistic center in head quarter and ready for expansion. The group rapidly launched 12 branches in these 2 years, which built a solid base for today’s scale. Branches locate in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, including the second branch for Smart Man Restaurant.






Diversified Branding

In order to pick up with nowadays customers’ demand in more diversified catering options, the group has launched its first shop for its new brand “自三川” at Kingswood Richly Plaza serving Si-chuan style food and rice-noodle. By the end of 2014, the group returned to its origin, Mongkok, and launched a flagship store for “Thumbs Up”, targeting 80’s and 90’s.



1st Restaurant in China

2016 Jan, the group has launched its 1st restaurant in China (shenzhen), which was a memorable milestone to the group in China business development.